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Paper Maps Are A Thing Of The Past But We Want To Inspire You To Use One

paper maps

Be honest, if we took away your iPhone, Google Maps or Garmin Nuvi and handed you a road map would you be able to navigate your way around the country, or find your way around town? Would that road trip to California still be as exciting?

Most of us know what a road map looks like, some may have had to use one year ago; but many of us grew up hearing that annoying voice from the GPS yelling at us saying Recalculating, Recalculating!

The first maps made for traveling by car was created towards the end of the 19th century. The maps were complete with guide books and information for sightseeing and other places to see. These days the GPS is smart enough to do just that and more.

Recently we were having a conversation about road maps and I remember not only using but relying on paper maps on my daily route when I used to deliver parts for a local Ford dealership on Long Island. As a matter of fact, I used them for a few of the odd jobs I had that involved navigating through the city.

These days we suppose it is unheard of for a company to hand an employee a road map and tell them, “now go out there and do your job”.

With all that said we cannot help but reminisce about these old vintage maps, what they meant to us and to the traveling man before us.

They have a ton of history behind them and you can see for yourself just from a few of them that we added below:

If you want to start any sort of vintage automobile collection we highly recommend adding a few maps to that collection to make things interesting.

Map reading for most of us is a dead sport but we challenge you to grab a paper map one of these days and head out on a road trip, see where things take you.

We know we aren’t the only ones inspired to drive after this post, put the Garmin away and wing it with good old vintage paper.

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Are You A Car Guy? 10 Ways To Know


Do you know the exact moment you realized you were a Car Guy? Maybe it was the day your dad allowed you to take his prized possession out for a spin.

Or maybe it was way before then when he told you ‘come outside and help me get the car cleaned up’. At some point you figured out, cars are not just machines on wheels, they have history and personality, they are everything that encompasses what makes you tick.

You are without a doubt a Car Guy and you make no apologies for it. We thought it would be fun to make a list of 10 things that make someone a Car Guy, here it goes.

1. You are more tolerant of the stress that might come with owning your first clunker

You have way more tolerance for your 1964 Buick breaking down and getting dirty trying to fix it than any other guy would. You do not mind getting a busted knuckle or two wrenching that thing together every two weeks if you had to.

2. Cleaning the car takes precision for you

You typically clear out at least half of the day to get your car in tip-top shape. Attacking every crevice and area until your baby is sparkling clean. No spot is missed and no smudge has a chance. Even your engine bay, air vents, door jams and wheel wells glisten.

3. You buy high-quality cleaning supplies

Only the best for your car, if you are a Car Guy then you know how important it is to have high-quality products used on your car. That other guy can go with the regular cheap stuff if he wants to, but you would much rather drive the extra mile or wait until the good stuff arrives in the mail.

4. You never miss a car show

Car shows and swap meets are what you do, some people like going to the movies, others may prefer the beach; you on the other hand, prefer a good old car show to get your wheels turnin! Unless the car show is at the beach, then everybody wins!

5. You talk a lot…about your car and about cars

Car Guys can argue and discuss cars for hours, days even if they could physically sustain it. Exchanging ideas, comparing notes on customizations, mods and how to’s.

6. You wear car related clothing

Some Car Guys only buy clothing that is related to what they love, cars! Car Guy shirts and work shirts are what they love and what they wear. Wearing Car Guy apparel is almost as equivalent to someone wearing their favorite sports team, except it isn’t seasonal, it is every day all day!

7. You have generations of Car Guys before you

Your dad was a Car Guy, your grandfather and so on and so forth, it is almost inevitable that you would be just like them; it’s as if gasoline and oil run in your blood.

8. They love to be in their garage

As a kid, I remember on the weekends when my dad would be in the garage, all day! I am not referring to the fancy man caves of today with showers, flat screens, laptops and plush couches where it would be easy to spend all day and night if you chose to. But I am referring to the Car Guys that go into their garage for one thing and somehow get occupied for hours at a time.

9. You are in a car club

Car clubs are a dime a dozen so if you are a Car Guy more than likely you are in a car club with some other Car Guys.

10. Car Guys can appreciate other Car Guys

Car Guys come in all shapes and sizes. He might not be in your club or even from your city. He looks nothing like you but you know he is a Car Guy.

When you see him pull out his microfiber to erase that one small spot on his ride that nobody can see but him and you realize in that moment that this guy is just like you, he is without a doubt a Car Guy.