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Freightliner SportChassis P2-XL is the truck you really want, a fully functional pickup truck with power and stability to haul your family and toys around town or across the country. I spotted this truck a few weeks ago and did not have an opportunity to get any pictures. Then I saw it again yesterday at...
Automobile maintenance is probably one of the most often overlooked parts of owning a car. Today’s complicated vehicles have more moving parts than ever. Even though they tend to be much more reliable than in years past, they still don’t take care of themselves. Certain things have to be replaced or adjusted as time goes...
Be honest, if we took away your iPhone, Google Maps or Garmin Nuvi and handed you a road map would you be able to navigate your way around the country, or find your way around town? Would that road trip to California still be as exciting? Most of us know what a road map looks...
Do you know the exact moment you realized you were a Car Guy? Maybe it was the day your dad allowed you to take his prized possession out for a spin. Or maybe it was way before then when he told you 'come outside and help me get the car cleaned up'. At some point...
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