Freightliner Sport Chassis P2-XL

Freightliner SportChassis P2-XL is the truck you really want, a fully functional pickup truck with power and stability to haul your family and toys around town or across the country.

I spotted this truck a few weeks ago and did not have an opportunity to get any pictures. Then I saw it again yesterday at a local restaurant in Texas. This time, I parked my van, hopped out and snapped a few pics.

What can I say? This beast looks amazing and looks like it can handle just about anything that you throw at it. This P2XL features a full pickup bed behind the spacious cab and has an aggressive look.

At the same time, it looks to be a ton of fun, it is very unique, eye-catching and I can certainly see it at the next show.

Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t around but maybe next time I will get to meet him or her and I can get more information on it.

Freightliner Pickup Truck

Freightliner Pickup Truck




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