Despite the latest automotive trends, fluctuating collector car values and our crazy economy and to a greater extent my own personal economy; I never wanted to say goodbye to my 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. In fact, I’ve told my wife many times that I would never sell this car.

However, I have lived long enough to know that you should never say never because you just never know how things might change.

I purchased this car back in 2010 with simple hopes and dreams of making it mechanically sound and cruising to the local car shows on the weekend. Yep, that’s it!

I never really had big plans for a huge restoration project or anything like that. I pretty much liked my Olds the way it was, mostly original and I was planning to add some minor performance upgrades. Nothing too fancy.

1970 Olds covered in the garage

You see, I like my cars particularly muscle cars a little rough around the edges. Therefore there wasn’t going to be any candy paint or 22inch wheels here. A set of Cragars or Torque Thrust wheels would do just fine, wrapped in some fat rubber with raised white letters.

I remember like it was yesterday, riding home from work and only about 5 minutes from my home and…Low behold this beautiful tank sitting in a parking lot near a local repair shop.

When I got close enough to hop out my truck and take a closer look, I was sold when I saw the center console and bucket seats! Not to mention clean, no rips or torn interior and no cracks in the dashboard.

Interior shot of my 70′ Cutlass Supreme

The headliner was a little low in the back and the previous owner appeared to have begun the process of removing the vinyl top but never completed the job.

I called the number on the window, met up with the owner and took my first ride. I was already sold but the roar of that 350 Rocket confirmed it more so.

Now I have to admit, wifey wasn’t too happy and she did put up some resistance but she knew that I was serious about this one and eventually she came around. To her credit, she loved the car so much that she hated to see it go.

There she goes off to a new home

To keep a long story short, I thought it was fitting to write about this experience on Car Guy Speed Shop.

Basically I purchased this car because I wanted to have a little DIY project and hit a few shows here and there but after a few years I just never got around to it and eventually, I decided to let her go.

I am sure some of you can certainly relate and I hope that you make the best decision for your specific scenario.

Overall, I believe she is going to a good home, actually across the globe to another country (The Olds that is) not my wife she is definitely a keeper 🙂


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