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eBay Find: Aaron Kaufman’s 1963 Ford Falcon


    If you are a fan of “Fast N Loud” you would certainly remember this 1963 Ford Falcon that was built by former master mechanic Aaron Kaufman. He built this car to be raced at the 100 year anniversary of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb.

    We were a bit surprised to hear that Aaron was leaving Gas Monkey Garage several months ago and equally surprised to hear that he is auctioning off one of his prized possessions.

    The starting bid is only 1k but expected to go much higher, possibly reaching close to 100k.

    According to Aaron on his eBay ad “This car was never a driver car it has always been a race car since its most recent build. The wear on the car is honest and reflects the use of the machine. This car has raced the Big Bend Open Road Race once and raced at ppihc three times now. it has been used at various other exhibition events as well.”

    Check out the details on eBay.

    1968 Dodge Charger Widebody Street Machine


    1968 Dodge Charger Widebody Street Machine “Reflex” Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors

    1962 Chevrolet Bubble Top Street Machine The SEMA Show


    Chevy Bubble Top Street Machine at The SEMA Show 2016

    The 2017 Progressive Bike Show – Dallas, TX


    The 2017 PROGRESSIVE BIKE SHOW – Daily Rubber

    What You Should Know About Insuring Classic Cars

    insuring your classic car

    Do you own a classic car like a gull-wing Mercedes or 1967 Jaguar XKE? You could be paying too much money for inadequate coverage. If you already have a classic car or are thinking of getting one, take a look at these pointers to help you navigate the maze of insurance:

    Standard policies won’t help

    Insuring a classic car with a standard auto policy is a serious mistake for different reasons. For one, standard insurance is based on the idea that a car’s total value will depreciate with time.

    But classic cars are like old wine, and its value is likely to appreciate, particularly if you have a restoration in mind. You really don’t want to get a depreciated value if something happens to your Chevrolet Bel Air. However, if you take a standard cover, that’s usually what you’ll get.

    Lack of Standardization for Classic Car Definitions

    There is a frustrating lack of standardization when it comes to categorizing classic cars, collectibles, antiques, and vintage models. If you already know what type of vehicle you want, you will have to check with each insurance company you are considering.

    Wish there was a better answer, but the reality is that some companies say the car should be over 20 years old, others over 36, and some have multiple categories. Our best recommendation is to have headache medicine within reach during this process.

    Driving and Storing Your Classic Car

    You hopefully already have a cozy garage equipped with all the special tools and items you’ll need to baby your classic car. Avoid storing it anywhere else, but if you have to be sure to cover and protect it as much as possible. You’ll have to tell an insurance company where you’ll be storing it, and how often you’ll be driving it.
    It’s cheaper than you think Why?

    Because insurance companies are mainly looking at the total value of your classic car and how it’s going to be used. If you are going to be driving the Chevy Bel Air (which you inherited from Aunt Mabel) only in auto shows and to and from car parades, the chance of slamming into another car or getting T-boned on the expressway is pretty meek. These cheap policies usually come with a lot of caveats, however.

    Find Out What Disqualifies You for Insurance Coverage

    You’ve no doubt been comparing the types of coverage offered on your classic car for the best deal, but don’t forget to ask about the types of things that are not covered. If you plan to modify it, for instance, it could disqualify you from getting insured.

    Basically, check before you change anything.

    As seen on Daily Rubber

    Car Guy Find of The Day – 1964 Ford Thunderbird


    This beautiful 1964 Ford Thunderbird was spotted in Frisco, TX. I was headed to a local business and saw this machine in my peripheral vision. At this point, my eyes and instincts are pretty much trained to hunt and find unique cars during my daily routine.

    What I like about this car are the nice long hood and sculptured side panels; the front-end specifically has a very distinguished and aggressive look with chrome for days wrapped around the double headlights, grille, and bumper.

    This Tbird has details everywhere you look; notice the fender-top mounted turn indicators and the ultra-cool and prominent scoop which is about halfway back on the hood with T H U N D E R B I R D spread across the front leading edge of the hood.

    1964 Ford Thunderbird

    At first glance, the car appeared to be all original, perhaps with one repaint since it rolled off of the assembly line back in ’64. It was pretty much rust free with the exception of one small spot I noticed on the rear quarter panel.

    It really didn’t matter from which angle I looked at this Thunderbird, even the rear-end was packed with intricate details. The taillights were large and rectangular, which covered probably more than half of the bumper.

    1964 Ford Thunderbird Rear

    The T-Bird’s trunk panel insert between the lights was chrome and spelled out “THUNDERBIRD” with two chrome emblems mounted in the center of each lens. The lens itself appeared to be in good condition with no breaks or cracks.

    I couldn’t really capture the interior because the windows were up and the reflection on the glass made it hard to photograph. However, what I did see was amazing. The interior had a very clean, fresh look, complete with a linear speedometer; and the controls, instruments, and gauges were positioned so they are easily accessible for both the driver and passenger.

    1964 Ford Thunderbird Interior

    An all around great find.

    As seen on www.DailyRubber.com

    Congratulations To “Car Guy” Usain Bolt For His Olympic Achievments

      Usain Bolt Ferrari

      On his small Island of Jamaica, Usain Bolt is known for his love of cars and owns quite a few. On the World stage, he is known to be the world’s fastest man and has often been gifted and aligned with some of the fastest cars ever made #ForeverFaster.

      In celebration of his Olympic win yesterday we gathered a few pictures of this Car Guy and some of his automobile escapades:

      Usain Bolt



      YOKOHAMA, Japan (Oct. 11, 2012) - Jamaica's multiple gold medal winner Usain Bolt stopped at Nissan's GranDrive testing track and Yokohama headquarters Thursday, bringing his record-making speed and excitement to Japan.
      YOKOHAMA, Japan- Jamaica’s multiple gold medal winner Usain Bolt stopped at Nissan’s GranDrive testing track and Yokohama headquarters Thursday, bringing his record-making speed and excitement to Japan.
      Usain Bolt
      Mark Gutherie Photography

      Bolt 4

      bolt ferrari

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      Slammed 2015 Mustang GT

        2015 Ford Mustang

        For those of you that know the 2015 Mustang GT, you already know that even the stock version has significant upgrades that can blow away it’s competition. And for those of you who know Certified Car Guy Harrison, you know that not all GT’s are created equal.

        Harrison’s drop dead gorgeous storm trooper white Mustang looks amazing from every angle. His custom pony caught my attention as I strolled my timeline the other day, and I was compelled to meet the owner and ask his permission to post it here.

        Check out some of his pics:

        Air Lift Performance
        Custom powder coated candy copper wheels.

        This Stallion has a few extra goodies but not over-done, for example, Harrison took his air management to the next level with an Air Lift Performance suspension system.

        Additionally, he’s rolling on XO Luxury modern split-five wheels that are custom powder coated candy copper to match his air tank in the trunk; which is sitting on a custom hardwood floor.

        Enough from us, we’re going to let the pics do the talking.

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        Two Car Guys And A Bugatti Team Up For GQ Style Photo Shoot

        Future and Armani

        If you have followed us for awhile you know that we are all about the Car Guy and his clothes. So when we came across this GQ Style post about the new Armani Bugatti collection and the photo shoot with Future we were intrigued.

        According to GQ Style:

        A few months back, the Armani team hit up GQ Style and told us that Giorgio had designed a new capsule collection with Bugatti. We were intrigued, and the name Bugatti immediately made us think of Future, so we proposed bringing Future to Milan to meet Mr. Armani and check out the clothes.

        Everyone agreed, and an unlikely friendship was born. Future’s wearing the collection in these photos. Probably because Bugatti makes about one car a week—usually for someone in the Billionaire Boys Club (part of the whopping price tag: every car is made-to-order)—Armani didn’t skimp on the luxury.

        The cashmere jackets are lined with more cashmere. The leather goods are so soft and supple they feel vulnerable to the touch. The curtain closer of the collection? That “price upon request” crocodile sports jacket Future’s wearing above. We think he looks killer in it—and hey, he can afford to.

        Check out the pics:

        Armani GQ Style


        GQ Style Armani

        Ferrari in the News…

        Kobe Bryant Ferrari

        There are few sports cars that spark the imagination like Ferrari and that has a lot to do with the sleek design and of course the powerful nature of these sports cars. Ferrari’s a company that’s been gracing the roads of the world for almost 80 years now and it’s a company that’s had a colorful history that continues to be written every day.

        It represents everything we expect from an Italian sports car company and having the chance to drive a Ferrari is on a lot of people’s bucket list. Here’s a closer look at how Ferrari’s making the news these days.

        Historic Ferrari up for Auction after 50 Years
        1950 Ferrari 166 MM

        One of the earliest Ferraris to capture our imagination was the 1950 Ferrari 166 MM and it turns out one of these has been sitting in a garage for over 50 years unused. In 1966 it was purchased by an American university student by the name of Darren Westfaul and after driving it for a couple of years he ended up storing it away in his garage until 2007.

        He then donated it to the University of Alabama and now it’s about to go on auction for an estimated $8 million. That’s even more impressive when you consider the fact that this car needs to be totally refurbished inside as it’s currently in a state of considerable disrepair.

        Ferrari Racing in Crisis
        Mattia Binotto

        Ferrari has a proud history in the racing world but it’s recently been experiencing a downturn in its fortunes. Mercedes has overtaken it at the pinnacle of the racing world and it faces some upheaval on its team as well. Recently the technical director James Allison left the team after the death of his wife.

        He’s been replaced by Mattia Binnoto and while he seems to be doing a competent job he hasn’t been able to fully revive Ferrari’s fortunes just yet.

        The Practical Ferrari
        GTC4 Lusso Ferrari

        On a positive note, you might be surprised to know that Ferrari now offers what it calls a practical car. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a Ferrari so it’s not practical in the same sense as your father station wagon, but it may change the way you look at Ferrari.

        The GTC4 Lusso is the first Ferrari to offer an all-wheel-drive hatchback alternative that can actually seat four adults. It’s a spacious car with lots of legroom and a ton of trunk room. You may never get the chance to sit in the back of a Ferrari, but at least it’s now possible that they have a hatchback model with rear seats.

        Ferrari off Kobe Bryant’s Bucket List
        Kobe Bryant Ferrari

        Perhaps one of the most fun and interesting stories of Ferrari in the news in the last little while is the decision by former NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant to set off on a visit to Ferrari’s factory in Italy for a personal tour.

        Apparently, it’s something that had always been on his bucket list and as part of that tour he got a chance to test drive a Ferrari F12 TDF on their world-famous test track. It’s probably something that’s on a lot of our bucket lists, but not something that many of us will get a chance to actually do so we’ll have to live vicariously through Kobe for the moment.

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